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About Anne Munro:

I am the heart of Quimona. Some people say I have 'Mad Skills'. Maybe I do. If I can't do it, I have a long list of people that can assist.


I began with knitting at the age of 5.By the time I was 16 I was an accomplished seamstress and crocheter.


College brought me painting and drawing and better color understanding. (I have a BFA with a minor in Art History).


I've worked in the printing industry as a color separator and typographer.


When my kids were little, I took up quilt design as a way to make their world unique.


Now that my kids are grown, I have turned what I love into a business.


I guess you could consider me an artisen. Versed in a lot of techniques and looking for ways to use them.


Always on the lookout for the next inspiration, I thrive on 'design with a purpose'.


My hands are always busy/ Let them work for you.

...the person behind Quimona:

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