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In the studio, Ready to be yours.

This sweet little wall hanging is a classic example of Hawaiian quilting. 

Needle turned applique.


Hawaiian Mini

Coming soon. -available for pre-order

Chuppah - Tree of Life

Designed for that special day. My chuppas are surdy enough to take a good wind during an outdoor wedding and are timeless enough to keep for the next generation. I design my Chuppahs to be subtle yet amazing.


Adjustable wings bring my Chuppas to the correct dimentions for your ceremony.

Linen Reinactment Shirt  



Cotton Reinactment Shirt  


Buckwheat Hull Zafu  


Patterns Quilt, knit & crochet

Satin Wishes Quilt

120 Satin pockets hold money or advise for the newlyweds.


Each comes with a set of cards and envelopes that fit into the pockets


Beautiful enough to be used as the centerpiece for a larger bed quilt.


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